Animal Health Requirements for the Fair

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BVD Testing Now Required for Cattle Llamas Alpacas Attending NY Fairs

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED)



We support all laws pertaining to service dogs!  

If  you have a service dog or are training a service dog, Please check in at the Main Office,  so proper procedures can be adhered to. 

We as the Wayne County Fair Board want your experience at any event on the fairgrounds to be a positive and fun one. 

We thank you for your assistance with this request.

Exceptions to that rule:

(a)  If 4H, or the Fair, sponsors a Dog or Pet Demonstration during the fair, then that dog or pet may be on the grounds specifically for the purpose of that event, but at the conclusion of that event, all dogs or other allowed animal/pets, must be removed from the grounds consistent with the No Dog, No Pet, requirement. When you and your dog or pet enter the grounds, you must show that your dog or pet will be in that exhibit or demonstration, in order to enter the grounds, and then you and that animal must proceed directly to the exhibit area with that dog or pet, and must remain in that exhibit area.(b)  Service Dogs.  If you plan to have a service dog (i.e. DOG ONLY, comfort animals are NOT service dogs, No comfort animal shall be allowed upon the fairgrounds during any event).   Please come to the Main Office so that you as the handler may be given a Lanyard Pass.  This pass will verify that all the mandatory health requirements and documentation of approved service dog has been reviewed and approved for the event you are attending.

You will be required to show accreditation paperwork verifying that your dog is an approved service dog.  As well as the dog is fully compliant with all NYS Animal Health Requirement, defined in the Wayne County Fair Website or Book.  These health requirements will include but not limited to rabies shots, distemper, etc.

Upon arrival at any gate or entrance onto the fairgrounds notify the attendant of your intentions of utilizing a service dog.  They will notify the Main Office (via radio or phone) and then you will be directed to the main office to complete the process and procedures for your visit on the Wayne County Fair Grounds.

These rules will be strictly adhered to for the animals protection as well as yours.

Follow this link for further info: New York State Agriculture & Markets Agriculture News

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