Animal Requirements for the Fair

Click on the appropriate link to see the 2017 Animal Health Requirements for the 2017 County Fairs and New York State Fair:

Animal Health Requirements for Admission to New York State and County Fairs

Animal Health Requirements

BVD Testing Now Required for Cattle Llamas Alpacas Attending NY Fairs 2017

Exhibitor Prefair Guidelines

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED)

Pullorum Clinic Schedule   (NYS is still working on full schedule)


  • We do NOT allow Dogs on the Fairgrounds During ANY Event.  

  • We support all laws pertaining to service animals, however if you have a service animal on the grounds during an event or the fair please inform us at the Main Office (next to the first aide station).  We thank you for your assistance with this request.
  • No “Pets” are allowed on the fair grounds during ANY Event, as they are Not Fair Vet Checked.

    If an event has a class or demonstration containing dogs those animals need to follow the NYS Animal Health Requirements, once the event is completed they are required to leave the fairgrounds.

Follow this link for further information: New York State Agriculture & Markets Agriculture News

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